Wargyrl Issue 04 Page 13
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Comic 196 - Wargyrl Issue 04 Page 13

16th Apr 2017, 7:00 PM in The Butterfly Monkey


Peya Luna 13th Apr 2017, 11:23 PM edit delete reply
i think its kind of hilarious that she refers to random whites as 'wild people' when most germans considder the blacks to be wild.....her jealousy is kinda weird - and worrisome considering that they´re still kids (or preteens?) calling her perceived rival a s# is way harsh, not to mention that her behaviour isn´t exactly promising for a 'loving marriage' some day in the future.....nor is the fact that she was basically sicced onto him to keep him in line.
Thenardyr 18th Aug 2017, 10:27 PM edit delete reply
Marriage as an expression of romantic-love is a modern thing, it was used for political purposes for most of human history to connect families. That's why so many fairy tales were about marrying your "true love," because that was the exception not the normal experience.

Betrothals of children who hadn't hit puberty is disgusting, but that was the norm up until the 20th century in America. And knocking up the bride right after her first period was also normal for most of human history, cause you didn't know if she would die of some disease or other before her twenties.

So the princess raised with this fate ahead of her has every reason to hate another female her future husband is interested in. And that doesn't count the potential political chaos if he has kids with another woman...Game of Thrones nails that aspect of dynastic marriages.

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