Wargyrl Issue 05 Page 48
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Comic 296 - Wargyrl Issue 05 Page 48

5th Dec 2017, 8:00 AM in Mangul & The Apes: Part One

Author Notes:

Wargyrl 4th Nov 2017, 4:04 PM edit delete
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Iceburgh69 5th Dec 2017, 11:08 AM edit delete reply
Interesting that Germans use the Breton version of Odin.
Wargyrl 5th Dec 2017, 11:25 AM edit delete reply

IceBurgh says: Interesting that Germans use the Breton version of Odin.

Dan replies: Well, the Saxon version, at least. We know there are three or four different ways to say this name. However, the name 'Odin' has been used by the Mighty Thor franchise for so long that the public will always tie the two together, and we just made a decision not to buy all of those connotations. We also knew that we could have used the old Anglo-Saxon term 'Wodan', but, to be honest, the name 'Wodan' sounds so... wooden. In fact, you might even think that the name of the god 'Wodan' is the root of English word 'wooden' in the first place. In the end, we decided that the name 'Wotan' is closer to the spelling that the German composer Wagner used in 'Siegfried', and those resonances fit what we are doing better than any of the other forms. As you know, this is a steampunk series, and in steampunk, we can fine-tune the details any way we want. Nonetheless, thanks for your erudite comment!
Iceburgh69 6th Dec 2017, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
I'll agree that Wodan does sound wooden, though: Etymology 1. From Middle English wode, from Old English wudu, widu (“wood, forest, grove; tree; timber”), from Proto-Germanic *widuz (“wood”), from Proto-Indo-European *widʰu-. But considering that the Angles, the Jutes, the Celts, and the Saxons were all of Germanic origin that invaded the islands...
Gorbi1985 5th Dec 2017, 6:02 PM edit delete reply
"Wotan, hier Walküre. Haben schwere Verluste! Feind bei Emil Minus 13 Plus 5 in Zugstärke durchgebrochen! Fordern umgehend Entsatz! Stellung kann nicht gehalten werden, ich wiederhole, Stellung kann nicht gehalten werden, kommen." (good old Day of Defeat: Source)
Wargyrl 5th Dec 2017, 7:37 PM edit delete reply


According to 'Google Translate', that means, and I quote:

"Wotan, here Valkyrie. Have heavy losses! Enemy broke at Emil Minus 13 Plus 5 in Pull Strength! Request relief! Position can not be held, I repeat, position can not be held, come."


I looked it up. As far as I can tell, 'Day of Defeat' is a video game. And, yes, that video game uses the same spelling for the 'King Of The Gods' that the English versions of Wagner do. Thanks for the note, Gorbi!

If anybody wants to look for the word 'Wotan' in the dictionary, here is a link:

Peya Luna 5th Dec 2017, 4:45 PM edit delete reply
looks as if krystal and her goons will be thoroughly distracted by the apes, allowing our queen to check out that mysterious basket -is it even filled yet? or are the apes on the way to kidnap a 'white woman' as the glyphs said....perhaps they´re after julie again?

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